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It happens every year during summertime at Huntington Beach Pier, CA where surfers around the world go all out in the Women's and Men's Vans US Open of Surfing. This year was no exception. Young and seasoned surfers competed during the week of July 25 - August 2, 2015 for the coveted championship title. They dedicate their lives to the sport of surfing. They awaken at the crack of dawn to surf the world's best waves.

They were magnificent as they took flight into the air, performed turns, and rode out on their boards in heats that made and crushed dreams. Newcomers with nothing to lose challenged the title holders to surf better, to push themselves.

The anticipated Dane Reynolds from Ventura, who epitomized Californian cool and rebellion, performed for a home crowd. He didn't win but it's not about winning for him. He's the wildcard that could and have beaten the world's best on tour. He takes chances. He pushes the boundaries of the sport. To him, surfing is an art form. To watch him surf is to be invited along his private journey as he carve lines through the waves that stun and mesmerize.

To surf is to be one with the universe. It is to be free. It is to acknowledge the beauty and power of the sea. Surfers do it with power, flow, and grace. They share their passion with a Californian crowd that cheered, admired, and loved them. To compete among the world's best comes with its glory. They put it all out there. They risk it all. They live. They inspire. They are champions. Congrats to Johanne Defay (FRA) and Hiroto Ohhara (JPN).

To Live

To breathe, to dance, to fly.
To be whole.
To be present.
To be free and independent.
To be true and authentic.

To Love

To take chances.
To believe.
To let go. To set free.
To be fearless.
To give.
To soar.

To Laugh

To pursue happiness and light.
To follow the sun to Jupiter and back.
To dream.
To fill darkness with light.
To be forever hopeful.

Venice, California, the skate park comes alive with skater boys who practice and show the world their tricks on their boards. They dip into the bowls and their motion, centripetal force propel them around. Their momentum keeps them going. The sound of the wheels of their skateboards against pavement signal their advance. They flip, turn, and jump high into the air to land, hopefully, on their boards. They come from different neighborhoods and backgrounds, but in their skate park, they are united and differentiated by their talent.

Skater boys inspire and exhilarate. They are fierce and fearless!


I'm a Cali girl. I'm a city girl. I try to live in the moment and let the rest go. I instagram obsessively. Photography is my passion. That, desire, lust, and love. I photograph things that move me, that make me feel something. Moments, small and insignificant, add up to life. To live like there's no tomorrow. To lose myself in the moment. To find those moments captured in photographs. I don't leave home without my leotard, bikini, shades, and sunscreen. I live and work in Los Angeles.


Ballet, dance, and movement inspire me. Dance is the reason for living. It is life, passion, and love. It requires a strong body and mind. I dance, swim, and hike. I do anything to strengthen my core. Beauty and strength come from within.

Through dance, I leave my mark in time and space. My body is my instrument, with which I carve volumes and create shapes. Dance isn't just about motion, because stillness adds meaning, and allows for pause, pace, and reflection. With beauty, strength, and grace, I dance to express what I can and cannot say in words.

Life is unimaginable without dance.

Living in California, I am immersed in the surfing and skating culture. My style, influenced by the casual, relaxed look of hanging out on the warm sand and hot pavement, is simple and minimal. I'm inspired by the beauty of nature, of life, of love.

of the sea, from the sea

Conceived as an art project to sell the things that make up our memories, our dreams. I venture out to sea often and have collected items that have meant something to me. Sea is beauty. Sea is love. You can participate in my art project by buying from my "of the sea, from the sea," collection and online store. Happy collecting!