The sun sets late in the day. Summer's joyfulness is endless. I venture out to sea, where surfers ride the waves. When it's low tide, they hang out like seals in the ocean, soaking up the sea salt. The sun casts a golden light from above. Seagulls soar in formation, only to swoop down to pick out food from the ocean. The noises they make, a shrillness, punctuates the laughter and chatter. Beauty, freedom, and love fill the air. Toned bodies strut along the shore.

Time seems to stand still. Nothing matters but the moment. Surfers chase waves. Boys chase girls. Girls chase boys. Such is life by the sea. Such is life.

To Live

To breathe, to dance, to fly.
To be whole.
To be present.
To be free and independent.
To be true and authentic.

To Love

To take chances.
To believe.
To let go. To set free.
To be fearless.
To give.
To soar.

To Laugh

To pursue happiness and light.
To follow the sun to Jupiter and back.
To dream.
To fill darkness with light.
To be forever hopeful.


I'm a Cali girl. I'm a city girl. I try to live in the moment and let the rest go. I instagram obsessively. Photography is my passion. That, desire, lust, and love. I photograph things that move me, that make me feel something. Moments, small and insignificant, add up to life. To live like there's no tomorrow. To lose myself in the moment. To find those moments captured in photographs. I don't leave home without my leotard, bikini, shades, and sunscreen. I live and work in Los Angeles. I document my ways of seeing on my blog.


Ballet, dance, and movement inspire me. Dance is the reason for living. It is life, passion, and love. It requires a strong body and mind. I dance, swim, and hike. I do anything to strengthen my core. Beauty and strength come from within.

Through dance, I leave my mark in time and space. My body is my instrument, with which I carve volumes and create shapes. Dance isn't just about motion, because stillness adds meaning, and allows for pause, pace, and reflection. With beauty, strength, and grace, I dance to express what I can and cannot say in words.

Life is unimaginable without dance.

Living in Cali, I am immersed in the surfing and skating culture. My style, influenced by the casual, relaxed look of hanging out on the warm sand and hot pavement, is simple and minimal. I'm inspired by the beauty of nature, of life, of love. Chasing, chasing, chasing.